3 Best Online Courses for Computer Science (BSC)

So, which are the best online courses for computer science? There are many different programs to choose from, so your selection will depend on your own particular needs. Do you want a one-on-one mentor? Perhaps you’d like to do some work on an introductory course in a programming language such as C or Java. Whatever the case, your online learning will be significantly more beneficial if you choose a program that addresses the issues that you wish to address.

The top online courses for computer science are all about learning how to communicate better. This can be done through courses in web design, social media marketing, or via Coursera and edX. Can you improve your oral and written communication skills with Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese? You can learn to speak these languages through Rosetta Stone or any of the excellent free online courses that are available. Are you seeking additional information about computer networks and how they work? An excellent free course in this direction is “Networking for IT Professionals” via edX.

There is also an extensive list of online courses in business. What industries are you interested in pursuing as a professional? If finance is more your area of interest, then the top online courses for computer science are those offered by the aforementioned three companies: Coursera, LinkedIn, and edX. If accounting or math is more up your alley, then try any of the great free courses offered at coursera and edX.

One of the top online courses in computer science is “The Stanford University Online College of Business”. This is one of the best online courses for computer science because it covers all areas of relevance with an emphasis on the business component. Included in the curriculum are networking, personal and leadership development, entrepreneurship, and data analysis, just to name a few. Additionally, this course offers an extensive internship program and online learning portal.

Another excellent option is “Udacity University via Coursera”. This is another of the best courses for computer science available today. The curriculum is broken up into core courses and elective courses. The core curriculum will include subjects such as” Principles of Data Analysis for the Healthcare Industry” and “ML Database Development”. Furthermore, the student will learn how to utilize “persistent databases” via” Oracle 8i Installation & Design”.

Finally, for those who are more technically savvy, an excellent option is “Cornell University Introduction to Data Science”. This is offered through edX and is broken up into core and elective courses. In the core curriculum, students will learn “Algorithms and Data Structures”. Additionally, they will learn how to create “periodic updates” via “OAuth 2.0” and how to use “ormacrowrest for data analysis”.